Here are a few video tips and training sheets that we have collected over time from various trainers as well as "hacks" that we may have developed over time. for any behavior concerns, we recommend going to a dog trainer for formal training.  remember that dog training is not for the dog, but for the people who are working with the dog.  everything that you gain from dog training will stay with you and help you work with any other animal that you encounter throughout your lifetime. 

Dog trainers that we have used and recommend:

  • Brian Lee at Way of the Dog Canine Counseling (Redondo Beach, CA) - 310-543-0375
  • Katherine Gallanty at Go Fetch (Long Beach, CA) - 562-621-6215
  • Tony at Grumpy Puppy - 949-887-3303
  • Dan Tambourine at Crossroad Pet Resort (Stanton, CA) 714-821-6622

Everyone should read these:

  1. Before you Get Your Puppy
  2. After You Get Your Puppy
  3. Learn to Earn

Our tip sheets:

  1. T-Touch for calming/relaxation
  2. Phobias and Anxiety
  3. Aggression Ladder
  4. Relaxation Protocol - Part 1 & Relaxation Part 2
  5. Fear Aggression Protocol
  6. Generalized Anxiety Protocol
  7. Fears and Panic
  8. Fireworks and Thunder! Part 1 & Part 2
  9. Crate Training
  10. Aggression - Toy/Resource Guarding
  11. Muzzle Training

Our Videos:

  • Video 1
  • Video 2
  • Video 3
  • Video 4
  • Video 5
  • How to put on the Muzzle Video (Baskerville 2)